The Cat'z Favorite Lynx


Three 'Temkit' Sites filled with Fun & Learning
for Toddlers to Teens

There are lots of Fun Things to see, read, hear, and do here!

Know the Real Truth about Magic and the Occult,
and find out where Real Power is to be found!

Pathlights Junior is Home to 'My Own School' Resources
for Parents, Teachers and Young Folk

Other Temcat Sites

Temcat's House

Prophetic Material; Hidden History; Advent History; in-depth coverage of the Bible Version question. Free e-Book library of useful books on Biblical subjects, History and Prophecy.

Remnant Prophecy

Our newly renovated online Bible Truth learning center for beginners to Teacher training;  Advent History; Prophecy School; Practical Christian living; Interesting lecture series, and much more.

Hygienic Healing Guidance

Complete Online Study Course: “Hygienic Healing Secrets: From Confusion to Confidence": New in 2016

Understanding Daniel and The Revelation

Home Site of our 'Little Book'; Over 70,000 copies in print and translated or being translated into many languages besides English. The complete book online, with Audio MP3s read by the Author, and interesting slideshows.

The Foundations and Pillars

Learn about our 'Share the Book' fund and order your supply of 'Daniel and Revelation, 'the 'Little Book' that has circled the globe.

 Spanish EBook Library of eBooks and Audio Books.