Get Your Mule, Let's go with Nehemiah to View:

"The Desolations of Jerusalem"

Dramatic Newly Uncovered Facts

Presented by Duane Dewey 11-2011

More information on a Vital Topic: Besieged Bible

01-Desolations-of-Jerusalem .mp3    Transcript-01: PDF

02-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-02: PDF

03-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-03: PDF

04-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-04: PDF

05-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-05: PDF

06-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-06: PDF

07-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-07: PDF

08-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-08: PDF

09-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-09: PDF

10-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-10: PDF

11-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-11: PDF

12-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-12: PDF

13-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-13: PDF

Timeline of the Philadelphia and Laodicea Churches.pdf

PDF EBook Library of Relevant Documents and Charts

Elder Dewey's Chart for These Presentations:

1842 Millerite Chart:

The Role of Biblical Hermeneutics in Preserving Unity in the Church: Cottrell.pdf  [Original:]

Does 1844-have a Pagan-Foundation.pdf

The Doctrine of Christ: W.W. Prescott.pdf

The Washburn Letters.pdf

The Pioneer position of "The Daily" a PDF collection of Millerite Documents

The Dismantling of Seventh-Day Adventism: interesting history; This document recognizes the role Prescott played but lacks some of the details we now have in the above studies. EBook and MP3.