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01: That They Might Know Thee. . .

02: In His Steps: Cultivating Christian Character

03: Lovely Lord of the Lord's Day: Calling the Sabbath a Delight!

04: The Great 2nd Advent Movement

05: Our Besieged Bible! Something more sinister than personal preferences.

06: Archeology & The Bible: Proven right Every time!

07: Hidden History and Holiday Facts: Insight into the past and future as history repeats; the Inside story on the source of holidays.

08: Old Time Hymns with Free Power-Point Zip files:

09a: Audio MP3 Sermons & Readings

09b: Audio MP3 SOP Readings

10: Garden of Inspiration: Come into the Garden; It is Fragrant here!

10B: R.P.s Banquet

11-A: The Incredible Power of Prayer & Promises: Exciting courses, Audio Books and Precious Promises!

11-B: We can Overcome!

12: Spiritualism Today..Knowing Our Enemy:  The synagogue of Satan is alive and well, even where you would least expect it!
See Beware of Angels and Trip into the Supernatural.

Temcat's Treasury ! More new treasures! These are for serious Bible students and teachers. A special exposition of Revelation and soon to come a selection of thoughtful older-time articles!

News! October 2021: Memorial for Eld. Duane Dewey: A special Prophecy/History presentation for serious students of prophecy.