Daily Devotional Readings for the Year!

Divided into 4 Quarters, these inspirational readings are in PDF files and can be Download for your use in personal or family devotions. Each file has readings for 7 days.



Day by Day: Selections for
Personal or Family Devotions.

The blessing of Heaven, obtained by daily supplication, will be as the bread of life to your soul and will cause you to increase in spiritual and moral strength, like a tree planted by the river of waters, whose leaf will be always green, and whose fruit will appear in due time.

First Quarter:

Week 1 /Q-1/01-Day-by-Day-Bible.pdf

Week 2 /Q-1/02-Day-by-Day-God.pdf

week 3 /Q-1/03-Day-by-Day-Jesus.pdf

Week 4 0C-Daily/Q-1/04-Day-by-Day-HS.pdf

Week 5 0C-Daily/Q-1/05-Day-by-Day-Salvation.pdf

Week 6 0C-Daily/Q-1/06-Day-by-Day-Conversion.pdf

Week 7 0C-Daily/Q-1/07-Day-by-Day-R-Faith.pdf

Week 8 0C-Daily/Q-1/08-Day-by-Day-Life.pdf

Week 9 0C-Daily/Q-1/09-Day-by-Day-Experience.pdf

Week 10 0C-Daily/Q-1/10-Day-by-Day-Parables.pdf

Week 11 0C-Daily/Q-1/11-Day-by-Day-Parables2.pdf

Week 12 0C-Daily/Q-1/12-Day-by-Day-Prayer.pdf

Week 13 0C-Daily/Q-1/13-Day-by-Day-Godliness.pdf