The Many Faces of Spiritualism Today

Truth about Angels

Beware of Angels! Audio Book:

Angels: Celestial Visitors.

Angels Hovering Near.

Angels' Work.

Archangel Michael: Jude 9.

Ministry of Angels.

Who are the Angels? 


Adventist Carnivals: Lloyd & Leola Rosenvold: History you can't afford not to know.

Celebration Music End Time Snare!

The Catholic Nature of Celebration: It didn't 'Just Happen' folks; nor did it come from people's 'need for a change'.

Counterfeit Holy Spirit & Charismatic Movement


Praying for the Holy Spirit.


Dreams and False Visions

Beware of Angels 2

Regarding Ernie Knoll.

Open Letter to Ernie Knoll.

Entertainment Syndrome & Music

Understanding Godly Music & Worship: MP3 Seminar: It's NOT just a matter of Taste!

Drama and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church How Drama Entered the Seventh-day Adventist Church: An extensive study by Dr. Larry Hawkins.

Meeting the Devil

Power of Music

The History of Rock Music

Inside Rock Music. PDF E-Book

Christian Rock: Christian or Satanic?

Christian Rock's Fruit

Copying the World

Ellen White on Music

Rock music and the Bible

Rock Music and Demon Possession

Rock Dead: Premature Death of Rock Stars

Theater & Worldly Amusements

What's Wrong with My Excuses?

Worship & Music: Is Rock Music Christian?

Occult Fiction

Hellish Torch of Harry Potter.

Narnia Chronicles by an Ex-Witch

Magic: A Slideshow Part 1

Magic: A Slideshow Part 2

Magic: A Slideshow Part 3

Magic: A Slideshow Part 4

War Cry


Is the Virgin Mary Dead or Alive.

Star of the New Evangelization.

The Marian Messages.

Martial Arts / Yoga / New Age / 

Batteries Not Included.

Chat with a Former New Age Priest.


Unmasking the Mastermind.

Gandhi: A Biblical Perspective.

Replenished from the East.


Hypnotism in the Adventist Church

You're Growing Sleepy!

Omega Apostasy

Alpha <-> Omega.

Omega at LLU: Deone Hanson  1985

The Secret of the Omega

Secret Societies

Master Counterfeiter

The Number 666:

The Secret Societies:

A Trip into the Supernatural: Ebook and Audio Book!

Spiritualism: Soothsayers & Psychics

Dark World of the Occult and Psychics

Modern Spiritualism

On the Throne of Sin

Psychic Roulette: Vandeman.

Spiritual Foundation: Spiritualism among us!
My message to you is: No longer consent to listen without protest to the perversion of truth." 1SM PG 196

3-Wavy Lines.  The subtle power of symbolism.


'Christian' Meditation?

Prayer Circles: Their Unbiblical Origins

Spiritualism Among Us.

The Enemy can Talk to Them!

Truth About Immortality of the Soul

Are You 'Dead' When You Die?

Bible Questions Concerning Man.

Facts about Death.


Immortality of the Soul and The Reformers.

Is Your Soul Immortal?

Life & Death.

Look up and Live!

The Richman and Lazarus.

The Other Side of Death

When a Man Dies.

Women’s Lib: Satan’s Tool

Women and the Male-Female-god idea.



Wolves in Fleeces: Dangerous Doctrines of Devils

Shepherd's Rods History& Doctrine

Shepherd's Rod / Davidian History

Some samples of Houteff's Weird Charts

Shepherd's Rod: Sample the Fruit

Warning: This is LOR!

Men Who Have Arisen