Firm Foundations for Advent Believers

The Godhead

Seven Threatened-Teachings.

Christ Our Righteousness.

Christ: Who Became Like You.

Defending God.

Defending the  Godhead.

Ellen White on the Godhead.

Preparation for the Latter Rain.

The Angel-Yaweh.

The Glory That Lightens The Earth.

The Golden Oil

The Holy Spirit - Branson.

The Holy Spirit Exists.

The Nature of Christ.

The Nature of the Godhead.

The Promise of the Father.

The Sacred Name.

The Times of Refreshing.

The  Day Christ Died.

Messiah in Prophecy.

That They May Be One.

What Jesus Said: Richards.

What Think You Of Christ?


A New Look at the Storehouse.

The Tithe Problem:  Larson.

Truth About Tithing.


Should We Support Apostasy?

Being 'Critical'

Being Critical and 'The Christian Spirit'

The Blind Men and the Elephant

Love Your Enemies.

Return to Ephesus.

Unity in Diversity.

Warnings & Reproofs.

Organization & Hierarchy

Christian Leadership Counsels A fine compilation of Spirit of Prophecy quotes showing what Christian Leadership really means. Also in pdf

David Bauer: Campmeeting 1981 MP3s and Transcripts. As applicable as if they were preached yesterday.


Individuality in Religion.

Leadership: James White; Advent Review and Herald of the Sabbath: December 1, 1874  Is the Hierarchical System used in the denomination today what James White originally set up?

General Conference Inquisition Ralph Larson

No New Organization.

Organization & Discipline James White  Review and Herald: January 4. 1881.

Organization or Organism? Wim Wiggers: The history of the organization problem in the church. You cannot truly understand 1888 until you know the whole story from 1863-1909.

Righteousness by Faith & Kingly Power You've heard of the 1888 Message--Now hear the Rest of it!

The Work of Ministers.

2000 Manual-changes.

Worldliness Among God's People

Enemy at the Gate.pdf


Writing in the Sand The story of Mary of Magdala

About Apostasy

Ancient and Modern Israel.

Church Plants.

General Conference Report.

Messing with the Lord's Platform?!

Mystery of Iniquity.

None Dare Call it Apostasy Part 1  J. Grosboll

None Dare Call it Apostasy Part 2 Ralph Larson


New Theology & the Nature of Christ

Adventism's New View 'It's Beyond Belief'

Cunningly Devised Fables Bringing another Gospel

Firm Foundation 1980.



Man of Romans 7.

Original sin.

Right With God: Examination of Ford's Book:

The "New" Gospel The New Theology Gospel VS. the True Gospel

Voice of Antichrist Are controversial errors Important?

Why do You go to Church?

Justification; Sanctification & Righteousness by Faith

 Though Your Sins be as Scarlet.

 Perfecting Holiness in the Fear of God.

Danger of False Ideas of Justification by Faith

Creation or Evolution: A T Jones. Are you a Creationist or an Evolutionist? Are you sure?

Creation or Evolution: Stephen Lewis

Other Sermons by Stephen Lewis

A New Life in Christ

Jesus' Enabling Grace

The Deciding Power.

'The Church does not Fall' and the 'Ship' Statement

The Church Will Appear. . .But Does Not:

Ships Passing in the Night.

SDA-fall Omitted-text.

SDA Church Appears to Fall

Two Ships in Vision

What is the Church?

Who is church?


The Invasion We Were Warned About 

Hazaels Among Us

If I Were the Devil

The Purpose of Diversity

Protestants & Catholics

The Truth about The RCC--Why She Does What She Does

Were Protestants and Catholics the Same?

Why the Protestant Reformation Failed

Binding & Loosing: Who is Right?

'Culture' and 'Worship Styles'

The Truth about 'Worship Styles'

The Truth About 'Freedom vs. Authority'

Breaking Down the Middle Wall

End Time Events

Sunday Laws are Coming

The Truth About: 'How to Save Souls'

End Time Book.

Trademarks and Lawsuits

Business Trademarks: Helping to form the Image of the Beast!

Sabbath (See Sabbath/Sunday Library)




Dress & Health Reform


Colorful Cosmetics & Jewelry.

The Sin of Bathsheba We all know about David's terrible sin, but what about Bathsheba?

Magnets for Men's Eyes.

Death of Modesty.

The Sanctuary

3 PDF Slideshows on the History of the Sanctuary:

Behold the Lamb Part 1S.
Behold the Lamb 2S.
Behold the Lamb 3S.

The Cross And its Shadow.

Messiah In His Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary Service.

Biblical Basis-Investigative Judgment.


Great Judgment Day.

Karaite Dating 1844.

Path to the Throne of God.

Shadows of His Sacrifice.

The Book of Hebrews.

The Letter to the Hebrews and the Fall of Jerusalem

Atonement with the Scapegoat 

The Spirit of Prophesy

Despise Not: A Sin that shall not be Forgiven.

Understanding the Greater and Lesser Light

The School of Christ

The School of Christ One of the main themes of the Spirit of Prophecy! A study of this subject will change your outlook on salvation! We include 122 of the over 500 references to this subject in Ellen White's messages.

Creation Science

Is Creation Science a Pseudo-Science?

Sin's Origin

The Maligned God Was God ever maligned? Condensed version

Entire Book

The "God Does Not Kill" Heresy

The Terrible Storm

Women's Ordination

Pretty Pastors

Searching the Scriptures

Women being Ordained?

Women Speaking in Church.

Feast Days

The Feast Days

The Festivals and the Feasts

Helpful Reference & Instruction:

Preach the Word Ralph Larson's helpful guide-book for those seeking to learn how to preach and organize sermons.