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70. Destruction of Jerusalem 100. Death of apostle John

150. Peshitta Bible

157. Itala Bible

312. Lucian of Antioch martyred

313. Constantine's conversion to Christianity

331. Supposed date of Sinaitic and Vaticanus Manuscripts

 360. Birth of Patrick

382. Jerome's Vulgate

390. (circa) Patrick returns to Ireland 476 - 1453 Dark Ages

1233. Gregory IX appoints Dominican's in charge of Inquisition

1324. Birth of John Wycliffe

1380. Wycliffe, John, completes English Bible

1390. English Upper House moves to ban Wycliffe's N.T.

 1401. Sowtree, Wm. martyred at Smithfield 

1440. Printing invented in Mainz 1467 (-1536) Erasmus born

1483 (-1546) Luther born

1505. Erasmus edits annotations of Valla 

1507. Erasmus visits Rome

1510 - 1514 Erasmus lectures at Oxford

1516. Erasmus publishes his Greek N.T. 

1522. Luther's German N.T. published 

1524. Tyndale flees to Germany

1525. Tyndale publishes his English N.T. 

1530. Tyndale's N.T. burnt in England

1534. English Parliament abrogates papal supremacy 

1535. Coverdale's Bible

1536. Tyndale martyred

1537. Matthews English Bible published 

1537. Olivetan French Bible published 

1539. The Great Bible

1545 - 1563 Council of Trent 

1547. Henry VIII dies

1553. Edward VI dies

1555. John Rogers martyred

1555. Wm. Hunter martyred 

1560. Geneva Bible published

1560. Goa (Indian) Inquisition established 

1562. Dousy College established by Philip II 

1581. Portugal annexed by Spain

A.D. P 1582. Rheims (Jesuit) English N.T. published

1586. Babington Conspiracy 

1588. Spanish Armada sails

1603. James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England 

1611. Authorised Bible of King James published 

1804. British and Foreign Bible Society founded 

1809. New York Bible Society founded 

1816. American Bible Society founded 

1817. British and Foreign Bible Society enters Australia 

1831. Trinitarian Bible Society founded 

1833. Oxford (Tractarian) Movement founded 

1844. Philip Schaff arrives in USA 

1850. Wiseman made a Cardinal 

1859. Sinaiticus MS (Aleph) rediscovered in Sinai 

1870. KJV Revision Body appointed

1881. Revised N.T. published Ill, 

1883. Burgon's "Revision Revised" published

1901. British and Foreign Bible Society agree to distribute RV 

1930. Wilkinson publishes "Our Authorised Bible Vindicated" 

1930. General Conference of SDA reject Wilkinson's book 

1944. Wilkinson's, book "Truth Triumphant" published

1946. United Bible Society formed

1950. American Bible Society associates with National Council of Churches 

1952. Revised Standard Version published 

1962. 1965 Vatican Council II

1966. United Bible Society agrees to circulate Apocrypha 

1971. Jerusalem Bible published 

1973. New International Version published

1984. Bible Societies liberalize constitution to include all Christian faiths

Letter from Trinitarian Bible Society

Showing why the original information in this book about them has been removed.


Due to the request of the Trinitarian Bible society we are unable to provide information about them here as they do not wish to be associated with Seventh-day Adventists.

Here is the letter from their representative: I have added numerical links with responses below this letter:

7 November, 2006

Dear Sir,

[1] We have recently had supporters express concern that, because of our being listed in H. H. Meyers's book The Battle of the Bibles and on the Temcat Web site, we have associated ourselves with the Seventh Day Adventists.

[2] As you are no doubt aware, many believe that SDA views are not in keeping with standard Protestantism. Therefore, it would be preferable if our name is not associated with your Web site and H. H. Meyers's book. I will be contacting Mr. Meyers's publisher. In the interim, please remove the information from the Trinitarian Bible Society found on

[3] It should also be noted that your link to Trinitarian Bible Society Canada on is invalid. This organisation no longer has any association with the Trinitarian Bible Society aside from Christian friendship, and is now known as the GraceWay Bible Society. Please change this on your Web site. (Indeed, you might wish to contact GraceWay to ask if they want to be listed on your site at all.)

Thank you for your help with this matter.

Dr. D. E. A

Assistant to the Editorial Manager

Trinitarian Bible Society

Tyndale House

Dorset Road

London SW19 3NN


[1] is a privately owned, personal website and in no way owned or operated or affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination with headquarters at Silver Springs MD. USA. We are independent Advent believers. Neither the book, its author, or the website is in anyway sponsored by the afore mentioned denomination. Neither does this website have any connection with the author of this interesting but out of print book.

[2] True Seventh-day Adventist believers do differ from "Standard Protestantism" in every way that "Standard Protestantism" differs from the Bible. Which is more important--being one with the popular crowd or being true to what the Bible really teaches? Always remember--it was the majority, popular crowd that crucified Jesus because He differed from the popular religious teachers of His day. Through the history of this world, truth has seldom, if ever been with the majority!

[3] If you had clicked on the link you would have found it is connected with GraceWay's site. I have been a member of this organization for several years. I guess our ideas of Christian Friendship may differ from yours somewhat.

Notice the attitude here: I cannot say that any website is among my favorites unless I have permission from someone to say that. Sounds like real Protestantism is dead and its children are preparing to join the inquisition at the side of Mother Rome. Well, here in Canada at least, we still have some freedom of speech.