Tragedy in Newport

Adventism's Inquisition Oct 2014:

More people being thrown out of the SDA churches in USA this week for believing this message of Present truth. The thing is the churches threaten to call the police and have them forcibly taken off the church property if they try to come to the church! This is clearly asking the STATE to do the bidding of the church and they call the civil law ‘the authorities’. Sounds like the cry, “We have no king but Caesar!” And then they say in their pronouncement this is in ‘love’! Love of what? This  is amazing when these folk teach only the clear beliefs of the founders of Adventism! Lord have mercy!

This month has brought a new level of darkness in amongst us, 12 persons were brought up before the church council for discipline; 5 were disfellowshipped; 5 were placed under discipline (Cat-O-Nine?) and 2 released. What was their crime? Studying the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy for themselves in their homes and sharing the truths they found there with others.  The authority for this action is found in a book that should not exist among God true remnant people: "The Church Manual". Just a small thing? It is the hole in the dike! The flood is coming.

I am not going to go into a lot of detail--But the bottom line, brothers and sisters is NOT whether Leviticus 26 contains a time prophecy; it is not even about the fact that probation DOES close first for Adventism--it is about whether or not ANY church, indeed any earthly authority, any group, any committee, any government--has the right to tell anyone whether or not they can study the Bible and SOP for themselves and share the truths thus garnered.

The fact is, if we do NOT do this--we are found transgressors by the scriptures and the SOP-- over and over again we are warned about this--we MUST do it or be in peril of our souls!!! 

Friends; if you take the stance that the structure of the church has the right to command anyone as to what they can or cannot believe, or what they can or cannot study out for themselves and share with others, and that they EVEN have the right to forbid them to discuss these things in the privacy of their own home, then YOU are a Roman Catholic!! and you better make sure that you attend early morning mass next Sunday and seek out the priest to confess your sin of calling yourself a Seventh Day Adventist! Maybe he will forgive you if you do enough penance.

TRUTH can always stand against error and when what calls itself truth begins to barricade itself behind locked doors and condemn those who differ -- it is  a sure sign that "truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter."  Isa 59:14.

The spirit of the  Image of the Beast has appeared among us: what is that image? What is the spirit of the Beast? It is the belief that human councils and tribunals have the right to command the consciences of the people -- This is the foundation stone of Roman Catholicism. Just as the Jews of old paved the way for Roman oppression, so Adventism is paving the way for Roman oppression of the consciences of men.

Roman Catholicism forbade the people from studying the Scriptures for themselves; commanding that they follow only what their leaders dictated to them. Now Adventism is doing the same thing! Friends, don't loose sight of what is really at stake here, don't lose the real issue in a confused babble about numbers and dates. How many Jews of old lost their souls because they were afraid to go against their leaders and listen to Jesus? How is it with your soul?